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Festival Kreol Seychelles 2013 (25-31 October 2013)



You can hear it in the music,
You can feel it in the rhythm,
You can taste it in the food.

The 29th edition of the Seychelles Festival Kreol reveal its calendar of events

Only four days left before Seychelles welcomes its 29th edition of the annual Festival Kreol, whereby it celebrates the Creole culture, traditions and history, the Creole people, the Creole identity and the link to the Creole world.

All is set to welcome this 29th festival which will kick-off on October 24 with the opening ceremony at the Stad Popiler in Victoria which is set to be spectacular with performances of well-established local singers and musicians as well as those from other Creole-speaking countries.

Members of the local press were given details of the programme during a press conference held at the Department of Culture’s conference room at the National Cultural Centre in Victoria.
Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange said the 29th edition of the Festival Kreol is a preparation for its 30th anniversary to be held next year. for more info check out our Download Section for Calender of Events

Festival kreol 2013


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